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The Issues

  • Currently, in Kosciusko County, there is a shortage of 1,500 childcare spots.
  • A single parent in Kosciusko County spends 46% of his/her income on quality childcare.
  • Low and moderate income families cannot afford the cost of care, which can be $10,000 or more per year for one child.
  • Just over half of Kosciusko County’s childcare spots are considered high quality according to Indiana’s rating system, called Paths to Quality.
  • Early childhood education is one of the lowest paying professions. While regulations call for more education for teachers, wages are low and benefits are negligible.
    Kosciusko County Data  2018 Statistics Current   Fall 2022
    Children under the age of 5         6,276
    Children under the age of 5 who need care         3,000   3,679
    Children under 5 years old enrolled in known programs         1,197   1,354      1,545
    Children under 5 enrolled in high-quality programs            356      676         822



  • The current model of childcare is flawed. If programs want to pay their teachers a living wage, they must raise their childcare rates.
  • When businesses invest in programs:
    • Quality goes up
    • Care becomes affordable
    • Teachers receive a living wage/benefits
    • Employees are able to work and productivity goes up
    • Children receive what they need to succeed!

Early Learning

  • Early learning experiences build brain architecture and the foundation of all future learning.
  • It is easier and less costly to form strong brain circuits in the early years than to try to heal the brain later on.