POLYWOOD: 2020 Kosciusko County Business of the Year

Friday, March 5, 2021


Our 2020 Kosciusko County Business of the Year is

POLYWOOD! POLYWOOD was founded in a garage in 1990 by two high school friends with a great idea. They became the first to create outdoor furniture from recycled plastic materials and were quickly recognized as a leader in innovative material uses. The founders’ original mission of stewardship, to do something meaningful for future generations, remains at their core to this day.

Even before upcycling plastic was a recognized piece of a circular economy, POLYWOOD began building its own recycling plant. In 2020, they expanded their reach by intentionally rescuing ocean-bound plastic and incorporating it into production. On average, POLYWOOD recycles 400,000 ocean-bound and landfill-bound containers per day. Truckloads of recycled containers are transformed into genuine POLYWOOD lumber, which is then used to construct their wide array of Adirondack chairs and many other products.

In addition to their global and environmental impact, POLYWOOD has proven to be an essential part of our local community. In 2020, they welcomed 160 new employees to their Syracuse location. Currently, they are in the process of constructing additional buildings that will provide over 100 new local jobs within the next year. This growth has positively impacted Kosciusko County’s economy with rippling effects for our residents and the surrounding area.

As Governor Eric J. Holcomb has said, “POLYWOOD is a true Indiana success story, and it’s incredible to see their growth over the last 30 years. The company has developed lasting partnerships within its northern Indiana community, and we’re extremely grateful for their commitment to keep growing here and create more than 250 career opportunities for Hoosiers.”

Congratulations to POLYWOOD on receiving the 2020 Kosciusko County Business of the Year award. Thank you for your positive impact and leadership in our community.

This award is sponsored by Lake City Bank.