KOSCIUSKO COUNTY GOVERNMENT: 2020 Health and Wellness in the Workplace Award

Monday, March 8, 2021


We are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2020 Health and Wellness in the Workplace award is the Kosciusko County Government.


Recently, the Kosciusko County Government conducted a health risk and biometric assessment of their employees. They used the results of the assessment to create and implement a comprehensive workplace wellness program. The program addresses the main health issues among their workforce and consists of workshops and classes that educate and enlighten county employees and their families. Employees attend classes that address diabetes, heart disease, nutrition, stress and mental health issues, as well as other health related topics. Employee engagement has been high

and the county allows them to attend classes during paid work hours.


In conjunction with this new program, the Kosciusko County Government developed and awards incentives for participation. The tiered incentives include a reduction in premiums and a bonus flex day. They even had a fun 12-week walking challenge.


During the first six months of the program, the county saw around 75% of their employees participate. The county has since assembled a Health and Wellness committee to help the program grow even more. This committee is made up of employees, healthcare workers and elected officials. They are working towards being able to offer even more programs that are geared towards specific wants and needs of their employees. Their main goal is to use this program to assist and encourage county employees and their families to live healthier and happier lives.


One nominator said, “This program is very innovative for a government entity. You would be hard pressed to find another county with a wellness program such as this one.” Thank you to the Kosciusko County Government for addressing health issues that affect their employees, and working on preventing future health related complications.


Congratulations to the Kosciusko County Government on this well-deserved award. This award is sponsored by PNC Bank Northern Indiana.