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Book: Love from the Crayons Book: Love from the Crayons

New York Times Best-Selling Crayons! This charming new title featuring everyone’s favorite coloring crew is the perfect gift for that special someone on Valentine’s Day–or any day of the year.

Love is yellow and orange. Because love is sunny and warm.
Love is purple. Because it’s okay to love outside the lines.

(Book) There's A Monster in Your Book (Book) There's A Monster in Your Book

UH OH! There’s a MONSTER in YOUR book! Shake, wiggle, and tickle the monster out in this interactive bedtime read-aloud that launched the Who’s In Your Book series–and is perfect for a spooktacular gift this Halloween!

Book: Mouse's First Halloween Book: Mouse's First Halloween
One spooky night in the fall, Mouse creeps out and hears bats flying – Flit! Flit! Flit! – and apples dropping – Plop! Plop! Plop! – and children singing “TRICK OR TREAT!” What could it be? Ages 3-5
Book: Little Quack Book: Little Quack
Little Quack is a duck out of water. As his brothers and sisters splish, splash, and splosh their way into the pond behind their mama, he is left all alone on the shore. Little Quack wants to join his family. Can he find the courage to be a very small duck in a very big pond? Count along and find out! The QUACK-U-LATOR keeps score, adding a splash of math to all the fun!
Book:  Five Little Pumpkins Book: Five Little Pumpkins

Get ready for some fun as these five pumpkins run and roll! Toddlers can chant along with this popular rhyme again and again. Yaccarino’s bold, vibrant illustrations bring the personable pumpkins to life. Full color.

Book: Monsters Love Underpants Book: Monsters Love Underpants
Monsters around the world have different ways to scare, but they all share a love for zany underpants! Every Saturday night, you will find them in a secret cave, showing off their pants as they dance the Monster Bop – but they have to make it home before the sun comes up. After all, who would be scared of monsters in pants that were stripped and dotted?
(Book) This Is the Nest That Robin Built (Book) This Is the Nest That Robin Built

A robin’s animal friends help build her nest in this cumulative collage picture book from Caldecott Honor recipient Denise Fleming.

Robin is building a nest, and her friends are ready to help! The squirrel trims the twigs. The dog brings the string. The horse shares his straw. And then a surprise gatefold spread reveals how Robin knits them all together to make a safe and cozy home for her babies.

Book: Little Duckling Book: Little Duckling
Little Duckling is one of several titles in the popular Look at Me series of children’s animal board books that are being reset in a miniature size to fit tiny hands. Scaled down to approximately half the original’s size, this book presents the same illustrations found in the original, with a slightly abridged story. Realistic illustrations and story offer a child-friendly naturalistic portrayal of a baby animal and its mother, and describes in simple language how the mother duck keeps her baby from getting into trouble.
Book: Goldilocks and the Three Bears Book: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Book: Snowmen At Night Book: Snowmen At Night
This delightful wintertime tale reveals just what the secret life of snowmen is really all about.
Book: I'm Sticking with You Book: I'm Sticking with You

Bear and Squirrel are best friends. Wherever Squirrel goes, Bear follows. Bear vows to stick with Squirrel whether he’s grumpy, or silly, or mad – which is put to the test when Bear sinks Squirrel’s canoe. And catapults him from the seesaw. And breaks his favorite mug.

Finally, Squirrel has had enough. He tells Bear he needs his space – only to realize he has much more fun with his best friend around. Funny and poignant in equal measure, I’m Sticking with You shows that friendship always finds a way.

Book: Opposnakes Book: Opposnakes

Swing open the giant flaps over each adorable snake to reveal which extra-long opposnake is waiting for them. This book features simple opposites such as clean to dirty, quiet to loud, hot to cold, and a grand finale of one lonely snake becoming lots and lots of snakes having a party!

Book: The Christmas Baby Book: The Christmas Baby
When a baby was born in the manger, Mary and Joseph rejoiced. The angels sang, and kings journeyed to bring gifts. When you came into the world, there was a celebration too – because every new baby is a small miracle.


(Book) Vegetables in Underwear (Book) Vegetables in Underwear
A bunch of friendly vegetables wear colorful underwear of all varieties – big, small, clean, dirty, serious, and funny – demonstrating for young ones the silliness and necessity of this item of clothing. The unexpectedness of vegetables in their unmentionables is enough to draw giggles, but the pride with which the “big kid” attire is flaunted in front of the baby carrots in diapers will tickle readers of all ages. With rhyming text that begs to be chanted aloud and art that looks good enough to eat, this vibrant story will encourage preschoolers to celebrate having left those diapers behind!
Book: Balancing Act Book: Balancing Act
Two mice make a teeter-totter. They’re balancing just fine, but then along comes a frog. Can they make room for one more friend on their teeter-totter? What about two? What about more? But then a big bird comes along and wants to play too. Better watch out!
(Book) The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin (Book) The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin

This gently spooky twist on “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” makes a favorite nursery rhyme just perfect for Halloween!

The itsy bitsy pumpkin
rolled down the spooky street.
He passed a ghoulish ghost
and some stinky goblin’s feet.

A little pumpkin is trying to find his way back home! And with a little help from a friendly witch, he is soon safe and sound, back on his porch – where there are no spiders to be seen! Little ones will love this fresh fall spin on a classic nursery rhyme!


CD: Body Bingo CD: Body Bingo

Body Bingo is a creative movement activity CD designed to stimulate the imagination and improve coordination, balance, and agility in kids.

CD for Playtime Parachute Fun CD for Playtime Parachute Fun

Playtime parachutes is a fun way for children to develop gross motor skills and spatial awareness.

CD:  Bean Bags Rock and Roll CD: Bean Bags Rock and Roll

Help children learn concepts such as body identification, directionality, while promoting coordination, team work, and following directions.

Orange Juice Making Set Orange Juice Making Set

Comes with 11 juicers so children can make their own orange juice.  Also comes with 10 small booklets so they can “read” about where oranges come from.

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