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(Training) Small-Group Time for Active Learners DVD (Training) Small-Group Time for Active Learners DVD

Small-group times for active learners brings children and adults together in consistent groupings for hands-on activities based on children’s interests and developmental levels. This part of the daily routine gives children a chance to explore a diverse range of ideas and materials in a safe environment with a supportive adult. As you watch this program you will see a wide variety of small-group-time activities and the strategies teachers use to support and build on children’s learning.

Part 1 of this program is an overview of small-group time.

Part 2 shows two unnarrated, extended classroom examples; in this section you will see a HighScope teacher introducing small-group activities to the children in the classroom and participating with the children using a variety of adult-child interaction strategies.

43 minutes (2 discs), English and Spanish subtitles, viewer guide included

(Training) Adult-Child Interaction: Communicating to Support Learning DVD (Training) Adult-Child Interaction: Communicating to Support Learning DVD

Adults’ nurturing relationships with children are the foundation for learning. This DVD offers strategies for interacting with children during play, conversations, and engagement with content areas. It includes authentic footage in HighScope programs.

48 minutes, viewer guide included

(Training) Moving Past Praise (Training) Moving Past Praise

Praise may be well-intentioned, but encouragement is more helpful. In this DVD, you will discover how to improve children’s self-worth and self-esteem by using easy-to-implement support strategies. It includes tips from teachers and examples of these techniques in real classrooms.

25 minutes, viewer guide included
ISBN: 978-1-57379-360-5

(Training) Outside Time for Active Learners DVD (Training) Outside Time for Active Learners DVD

Encourage learning by getting out of the classroom! This DVD shows how to cultivate active learning and a sense of wonder outdoors. Sequences model strategies to support and challenge children in developmentally appropriate ways.

18 minutes, viewer guide included

(Training) From Message to Meaning: Using a Daily Message Board in the Preschool Classroom (Training) From Message to Meaning: Using a Daily Message Board in the Preschool Classroom

The daily message board is often an under-appreciated tool for engaging and guiding classes.  This book and DVD explains its benefits and gives practical guidance for creating messages and following up.

Book: Its Mine! Book: It's Mine!

Four time Caldecott Honor winner Leo Lionni’s beloved tale about three young frogs learning to work together.

Book: An Extraordinary Egg Book: An Extraordinary Egg

It’s an extraordinary day on Pebble Island for three frogs when one of them discovers a beautiful white egg. They’ve never seen a chicken egg before, but they’re sure that’s what this must be. So when the egg hatches and out crawls a long green, scaly creature, they naturally call it . . . a chicken!

Book: Little Blue and Little Yellow Book: Little Blue and Little Yellow

Beloved picture book creator and four-time Caldecott Honor-winner Leo Lionni’s very first story for children, and a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year.

Book:  Finders Keepers Book: Finders Keepers

Fans of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie will love this new preschool gem from beloved storyteller Keiko Kasza

(Book) The Rat and the Tiger (Book) The Rat and the Tiger

Rat and Tiger are best friends. They have lots of fun playing together, even though when they play cowboys, Rat always has to be the bad guy. When they share a snack, Rat always gets the smaller piece.

But one day, Tiger takes the bullying too far, and Rat decides that he’s not going take it anymore. Rat stands up for himself and refuses to be Tiger’s friend until Tiger learns to play fair and square.

With appealing illustrations and a simple text, Keiko Kasza delivers an important message about friendship in this heartwarming story.

Book: Play This Book Book: Play This Book

For fans of Press Here, this new interactive picture book line invites readers to touch and move and “play” with the book

Book: Press Here Book: Press Here

Press the yellow dot on the cover of this interactive children’s book, follow the instructions within, and embark upon a magical journey. Each page of this surprising touch book instructs the reader to push the button, shake it up, tilt the book, and who knows what will happen next. Children and adults alike will giggle with delight as the dots multiply, change direction, and grow in size. Especially remarkable because the adventure occurs on the flat surface of the simple, printed page, this unique interactive picture book about the power of imagination and interactivity will provide read-aloud fun for all ages!

  • This interactive board book teaches kids how to interact with the world around them
  • Perfect as a read aloud book for preschool or bedtime
  • Surprising and fun, Hervé Tullet’s adventures are great for the whole family
Book: Mix It Up! Book: Mix It Up!

Follow the artist’s simple instructions, and suddenly colors appear . . . mix . . . splatter . . . and vanish in a vivid world powered only by the reader’s imagination. The result is not only enchantment and giggles, but a real and deeper understanding of colors brought by a true master of his craft.  A great book to lead introduce mixing colors for Small Group!

Book: Tap the Magic Tree Board Book Book: Tap the Magic Tree Board Book

The acclaimed interactive picture book about the changing seasons. “Like Hervé Tullet’s Press Here, Matheson’s Tap the Magic Tree proves you don’t need apps for interactivity,” praised the New York Times. This board book edition is perfect for little hands.

(Book) You Get What You Get (Book) You Get What You Get

A story that teaches kids about having a positive attitude when they don’t get what they want.

Book: Swimmy Book: Swimmy

Deep in the sea lives a happy school of fish. Their watery world is full of wonders, but there is also danger, and the little fish are afraid to come out of hiding . . . until Swimmy comes along. Swimmy shows his friends how—with ingenuity and team work—they can overcome any danger.

Book: Caps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business Book: Caps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business

Caps for Sale is a timeless classic beloved by millions…one of the most popular picture books ever published! This picture book is an excellent choice to share at home or in the classroom, as children love chanting along with the naughty monkeys.

Children will delight in following the peddler’s efforts to outwit the monkeys and will ask to read it again and again. Caps for Sale is an excellent easy-to-read book that includes repetition, patterns, and colors, perfect for early readers.

This tale of a peddler and a band of mischievous monkeys is filled with warmth, humor, and simplicity and also teaches children about problem and resolution.

This classic picture book will be appreciated as a birthday, baby shower, or graduation gift! It never fails to get preschoolers chanting along and giggling.

Book: A Color of His Own Book: A Color of His Own

Elephants are gray. Pigs are pink. Only the chameleon has no color of his own. He is purple like the heather, yellow like a lemon, even black and orange striped like a tiger! Then one day a chameleon has an idea to remain one color forever by staying on the greenest leaf he can find. But in the autumn, the leaf changes from green to yellow to red . . . and so does the chameleon. When another chameleon suggests they travel together, he learns that companionship is more important than having a color of his own. No matter where he goes with his new friend, they will always be alike.

Book: My Lucky Day Book: My Lucky Day

When a delicious-looking piglet knocks on Mr. Fox’s door “accidentally,” the fox can hardly believe his good luck. It’s not every day that dinner just shows up on your doorstep. It must be his lucky day! Or is it?


Before Mr. Fox can say grace, the piglet has manipulated him into giving him a fabulously tasty meal, the full spa treatment (with bath and massage), and . . . freedom.

In a funny trickster tale of her own, Kasza keeps readers guessing until the surprise ending when they’ll realize it was piglet’s lucky day all along.

Book: A Mother for Choco Book: A Mother for Choco

Family is about love no matter how different parents and children may be, adopted or not.

Choco wishes he had a mother, but who could she be? He sets off to find her, asking all kinds of animals, but he doesn’t meet anyone who looks just like him. He doesn’t even think of asking Mrs. Bear if she’s his mother-but then she starts to do just the things a mommy might do. And when she brings him home, he meets her other children-a piglet, a hippo, and an alligator-and learns that families can come in all shapes and sizes and still fit together.

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