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A-B-C Magnetic Fishing Set A-B-C Magnetic Fishing Set

Use the four bamboo-style plastic poles with magnetic lures to catch the dense foam alphabet letters. Kid’s will learn hand to eye coordination as well as learning their letters at the same time.  Can be used in a Sensory Table but should not be gotten wet.  Also, great for Planning and Recall time.

Tool-Tech Workbench Accessory Building Set Tool-Tech Workbench Accessory Building Set
  • This 94 pc. accessory set will increase their building fun on our Tool-Tech Workbench (RED-65L). The Drill uses one “C” battery (not incl.). Longer plank is 9″ L. x 2″ W.
Toddler Egg Shakers Toddler Egg Shakers
  • With these durable egg shakers, very young children can be introduced to rhythm and music. Raised colored bumps make the eggs easy-to-hold. The enclosed beads give a pleasing sound when shaken.  8 included
Learning with Bean Bags - Alphabet Learning with Bean Bags - Alphabet
  • These alphabet bean bags are perfect for classroom games. They are durable, silk-screened, square vinyl, pellet-filled bags with 26 uppercase and lower case letters.
 Knobbed Alphabet Stampers - Uppercase & Lowercase Knobbed Alphabet Stampers - Uppercase & Lowercase
  • Oversize, 3″ H. uppercase & lowercase foam stamps with comfort grip handles and mounted on a clear, see-through top for easy exact placement. Stamps have a directional arrow for perfect alignment and a label showing the image being stamped. Every letter in the alphabet is included in this set, and your students can ink out the whole alphabet from start to finish.
Book: The Color Monster: a story about emotions (Hardcover Book) Book: The Color Monster: a story about emotions (Hardcover Book)

Help children unpack their feelings with color in this international bestseller that helps young readers identify emotions and feel more in control. The narrative of The Color Monster guides children to find vocabulary for the different emotions they experience – from sadness, to fear, to anger. The monster is relatable, as many children struggle to identify how they feel at any given moment. The illustrations are approachably simple with collage-style elements and shading so they have a pop-up book quality. Children will be able to draw their own color monsters after reading!

Book: LMNO Peas Hardcover Book Book: LMNO Peas Hardcover Book
  • Get ready to roll through the alphabet with a jaunty cast of busy little peas. Featuring a range of zippy characters from Acrobat Peas to Zoologist Peas, this delightful picture book highlights a variety of interests, hobbies, and careers—each one themed to a letter of the alphabet—and gives a wonderful sense of the colorful world we live in. Children will have so much fun poring over the detailed scenes that they won’t even realize they’re learning the alphabet along the way!
( Book)  Go Away Big Green Monster Hardcover Book ( Book) Go Away Big Green Monster Hardcover Book

Caldecott Award-winning author-artist Ed Emberley has created an ingenious way for children to chase away their nighttime fears. Kids can turn the pages of this die-cut book and watch the Big Green Monster grow. Then, when they’re ready to show him who’s in charge, they’ll turn the remaining pages and watch him disappear! This lavish reissue features dramatic die-cut eyes and sparkling foil on the cover. 32 pp. 11.2″ x 8.7″ Hardcover Book.

Alpha Pops™ Alpha Pops™
  • An easy, hands-on way for children to get familiar with upper and lowercase letters. Just snap the pops together to match. Letters are on both sides of the pops. Great for Planning and Recall, or to put in the House Area or Toy Area.
Linking Cubes / 300-pc Linking Cubes / 300-pc

These 3/4″ square-inch cubes, in six bright colors, can link together for building 3D structures. A great resource for helping kids learn to measure and pattern, plus use those imagination skills!  Comes with two different math activities; enough for Small Groups.

Count-A-Pillar Count-A-Pillar
  • Learn about measuring, sorting and other math skills with this set of Count-A-Pillars. There are several sets in one tote that will provide enough for a Small Group.

 Student Thermometers Exploration Student Thermometers Exploration
  • Easy-to-read thermometer measures Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature accurately. 2″ x 6″ with plastic backing. There are 20 thermometers and 60 plastic cups to conduct cold, warm and hot exploration. (NOTE: Thermometer cannot be used in boiling water. The maximum temperature use is 140 degrees.).
 12-Piece Insect Set 12-Piece Insect Set

This vinyl and plastic bug set is a perfect collection for any little entomologist to enjoy, including a praying mantis, scorpion, tarantula, grasshopper, beetle, fly, ant, wasp, dragonfly, bee, ladybug, and butterfly.  Great to add to a Sensory Table.

Rainbow Ribbons Rainbow Ribbons

These ribbons add a touch and sparkle into any dramatic play area in the child care center or classroom. Shorter ribbons are great for early learners and longer ones will provide a challenge for elementary students. Teach shapes while tracing patterns in the sky, these heat cut ribbons will not fray after use. Exciting colors not only captivate children, but allow easy group and organization skills. 24

Inspire cognitive development through making patterns in the air, also enriching fine motor skills. Sensory skills excel through touch and visual exploration and gross motor movement. 3′ set of 6

Cage Bell and Shaker Set Cage Bell and Shaker Set

Find the beat and shake your wiggles away! Striking black and white contrasting shakers invite little learners to explore music and rhythm. Rainmakers and bell shakers produce pleasant sounding tones, offering visual and auditory stimulation with easy to grasp objects.  12 of each instrument.


Rainbow Juggling Scarves Rainbow Juggling Scarves

Catch a rainbow while you juggle! Colorful scarves float in the air, giving students enough time to set up and achieve juggling skills in a slower learner-friendly motion. Skills translate easily to actual juggling and offer a unique activity and movement option to any child care center or classroom. Great for all ages, these nylon constructed scarfs are easy to grasp and linger in the air, easy for students to react and position their bodies. Inviting Rainbow colors make tracking a breeze as they fly through the air. Available in multiple set sizes, these scarfs can teach large or small groups the magical art of juggling.

Cognitive and sensory development float toward success during spatial awareness and exploration of how to handle scarves, also wonderful for fine motor skills.

Constructed out of nylon. 17″ x 17″. Made with groups of 6 Rainbow colors. Set of 72 scarves. Ages 3 and up.

Premium-Quality Parachutes Premium-Quality Parachutes

12 foot diameter. Perfect for Large Group.

Sensory Table Construction Sensory Table Construction
  • Wooden construction vehicles and Alphabet pebbles make a great literacy sensory experience.  Add your own materials for scooping and dumping.
Tractor Set and Farm Animals for Sensory Table Tractor Set and Farm Animals for Sensory Table
  • Value set: variety of tractors, trucks and implements and measures approximately 3″ Long
  • Customizable toy: build your own farm layout
  • Durable toys: durable die-cast and plastic chassis construction
  • Farm collection: comes with a total of 20 pieces for kids to play with
  • Suitable for: ages 3 years and up
Stanly Jr. 5 Piece Kids Tool Set with Real Tools for Kids - Construction Tools for Actual Woodwork Activities Stanly Jr. 5 Piece Kids Tool Set with Real Tools for Kids - Construction Tools for Actual Woodwork Activities
  • 2 of each of the follwoing
  • Phillips Screwdriver no.1,
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Tape Measure
  • Safety Goggles
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